3D Printing Service in Portland, Oregon

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Tesseract Design is excited to be able to offer 3D printing as part of its services! This transformative technology promises to be able to change the way we approach design and manufacturing. The potential of 3D printing is amazing, and we can help you harness the power of this tech to help you achieve your design and manufacturing goals.

Architectural design and BIM modeling have a synergistic connection with 3D printing. Architectural designs created in Revit and similar BIM applications can be easily transferred to a 3D printing format. Simple study models and detailed client visualization models can be easily generated from a digital BIM model.

Of course, the use of 3D printing is not limited to architectural models. Other applications include:

  • Rapid prototyping and design study
  • Custom “modeling brick” design
  • Scale model railroading buildings and features
  • Jewelry design and production
  • Parts replication for games, toys and household goods
  • Models and busts of people, sculptures and other objects

We can provide 3D prints from your printer-ready files (.STL, .OBJ), or we can can work with you to generate a digital 3D model and a printed 3D model. Take your design idea from a napkin sketch to physical reality with Tesseract Design.

Additionally, Tesseract Design employs a hand-held 3D scanner that can capture an image of objects up to 10′ on a side. (For architectural scanning, please see our Additional Services.) The scan image is readily adapted to the 3D printing format. Give your sweetie a sculpture of yourself as a gift! One client used our service to generate “before” and “after” models of herself to document progress of her fitness program. Let your imagination run wild – contact Tesseract Design to see how we can use our 3-D scanning and printing capabilities for work or fun!

Tesseract Design has in-house printing capabilities that can produce objects in durable, high-impact ABS or PLA plastic in a variety of colors, with a resolution of up to 100 microns. Additionally, we can provide for prints in a variety of other materials including polymers, resins, sandstone and metal. Email us at info@tesseract-design.com or call (971) 344-0636 to help you harness the awesome power of 3-D printing!



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3d printing, 3d print, tesseract design, portland

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3d printing, 3d scanning, tesseract design, portland