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Tesseract Design has had some interesting jobs come through in the last couple of weeks. The first was a job from a local production company that is making a TV commercial for the Oregon Lottery. They needed headphones for some small animals – originally a cat, but the script was changed to incorporate a dog and a guinea pig.

The production company provided full-scale headphones that would be worn by the human actors in the commercial. I removed one of the cans and performed several 3D scans with a Matter and Form turntable scanner. The headphone strap looked like it was going to be problematic to scan, so I modeled it directly in 3D Studio Max.

One of the problems was the size of the headphones – we weren’t sure exactly how large they needed to be to fit the animals. The initial swag was 2/3 size for the dog, and 1/5 size for the guinea pig. Of course, one the scanning and modeling was done, it was a simple matter to scale the objects.

3d printing, 3d scanning, tesseract design, portland

Scaling the headphone cans prior to 3D printing.

In order to try to match the original look of the headphones, the pieces were printed in black and red. The cans were separated into upper and lower models. The lowers were printed in black ABS, which has a matte finish. For the upper part of the cans, it was desired to have a glossy finish, so they were finished with an acetone vapor bath (for more information on this process, please see this previous post).

As it turned out, the dog’s headphones fit well, but the ones for the guinea pig were a little small.

3d printing, 3d scanning, tesseract design, portland

Little Binky’s headphones were a bit too snug, requiring a larger reprint

Fortunately, it was a simple matter to scale up the model and reprint them in a more guinea pig-appropriate size. Shooting for the commercial starts this week; I hope to be able to provide a link for the finished commercial when it airs.

buy Pregabalin 300 mg cheap UPDATE: The Oregon Lottery commercial has aired. The critter phones look good for the fraction of a second that they appear onscreen.

3D Scanning for Fashion

Tesseract Design has teamed up with bespoke shoe designer Saint-Jean Shoes to provide “perfect fit” custom shoes. Saint-Jean has a network of 3D scanning providers that will scan the customer’s feet in order to provide the most accurate measurements for the custom shoes. Saint-Jean Shoes has scan points available all over North America, Europe and Asia.


3D scan of a foot used to make bespoke Saint-Jean Shoes

The scans are then sent to Saint-Jean Shoes and used to create high fashion footwear. Who says high-tech and high-fashion aren’t compatible?


An example of the finished product


For more information on how Tesseract Design can provide you with 3D scanning and 3D printing solutions, please see www.tesseract-design.com/3-d-printing